I made a new friend.

A human friend I mean.

That’s cool. He’s awesome! It’s strange. I’ve always had the feeling we would have so much fun once we start talking. And I was right.

I used to hate tights.

And now I’m starting to wear some again from time to time. It’s not that disturbing anymore. It’s strange.

How can you hate something so bad for years and then suddenly, it’s not bothering you anymore ?

I’m already in tears after listening to only one song.

I’ve missed you so much. I can’t wait to finally see you again on stage. I love you. I love you.

On my way to Germany for Agrypnie !

I still haven’t booked anything to go back home. I hope I can make it to Frankfurt. I have no idea how but well, we’ll see. ENJOY !!!

Ca fait le gros dur avec son pull Amon Amarth mais ça n’arrive pas lire le logo sur mon t-shirt.

Ouuuuh t’es trop METOL

Tonight : Secrets Of The Moon

Tomorrow : Agrypnie & Harakiri For The Sky

It is cheaper for me to go by bus to München, SLEEP IN A HOTEL, and then take another bus to Erfurt than buying a train ticket from Zürich to Erfurt.

World, you’re stupid. How can a night in a hotel still be cheaper than any train ticket ? IT’S NOT EVEN HALF THE PRICE ASKAJDSHFJSDH

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5 days ago

I still don’t realize that this saturday I’m in front of Agrypnie.

I’m sure I’ll be like : WTF where is my bottle of Lambrini and where are Alestorm & Lagerstein ?!


Après avoir compté toute ma petite monnaie, je ne suis pas si pauvre que ça.

Par contre putain, j’en ai de la monnaie quoi… Quelle merde ahahaha

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6 days ago

Of course I could have had a normal life.

I could have been to university and get a paper to do something I don’t care about. And I would have probably been so depressed everytime I was on my way to class. Of course I would have the promise of a good job. But do you think I really care about this ?

If I need to make sandwiches for the rest of my life, I don’t care. What makes me happy is not the job. It’s what I can do beside the job. And with the studies I am doing, I’ll probably be part time sandwich girl/sound girl. And I think I’m okay with it.

Going through another 5 years of studies I don’t like terrifies me. For what ? Money ? I can find money somewhere else. Don’t worry about that. I’m doing great. I have many jobs and I’m happy with it.

I just need to be able to pay my rent at the end of the month. For the rest, I’ll always find a solution. I’m tough. I’m so much tougher than what people think.

So let’s have 4 jobs until the end of my life. And let’s go on road trips while all of you guys stay here in your comfy homes doing nothing and dreaming about adventures. You have money ? Great. You also have no time for yourself. I have a passion that I can live freely.

No I wouldn’t trade this part of my life for anything else.

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6 days ago


Do you guys have any questions to ask them ? I’ll be doing an interview with them this friday !

It can be about more or less anything.

I’m so fucking poor right now holy shit.

And everytime I’m back, we fight.

This is just not worth it anymore.

More than 250 wonderful pictures taken with those people.

Too much love.

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